DE Dance Competition Rules & Regulations Age Age is determined by the age dancer is on the date of the Competition. Group age is determined by the average age of group dancers (rounding down). A copy of birth certificates must be available if questions of age should arise. Mini (6-8), Junior (9-12), Teen (13-15), Senior (16-18) Check-In Studio Owners only may pick up welcome packet and will receive a copy of the program along with chaperone bracelets to be handed out to the appropriate chaperones (1 per dancer), all other guests will be charged $5 (cash only) at the door and will receive a stamp to enter the theater. Parking Street & lot parking is free on weekends. Dancers may be dropped off in front of theater for unloading of costumes and props. Music Preferably music can be emailed ahead of time. Otherwise, all music should be handed in no less than one hour prior to the start of the Competition. Each entry must be on a separate CD with a clear case and labeled with studio code and entry #. Please have back-up available on iPod or MP3 player. There is a 3 minute time limit for all entries, 6 min for Productions; points will be deducted if a song exceeds limit unless allotted extended time with Directors. Dressing Areas Studios will have assigned private dressing areas. Performing dancers and chaperones with bracelets only will be permitted in the dressing areas. Dancers should be in costume, warmed up and ready to perform at least one hour prior to their scheduled time. Quick changes will be accommodated but should notify backstage managers prior to the start of the competition. Dressing Areas must be cleaned up after and respect for property at the venue must be observed. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items; please do not leave valuables visible or unattended. Competition Stage The competition Stage is approximately 40x60. The stage floor is an industry standard Marley floor. Dancers will line-up and enter backstage right. Crossing behind stage is permitted before, during and after a routine. Dancers will exit the stage left to return to dressing areas. Props Only non-dangerous props are permitted. You are responsible for designating someone to carry props on and off stage and must be set-up and cleared within a 30 second timeframe. Appropriateness Please take care in selecting costumes, music, and choreography to be appropriate for a family audience appeal. Deductions may be taken per the discretion of the judges and inappropriate routines may be stopped and/or disqualified. Photo/Video There is absolutely NO videotaping or photography permitted in the theater. There will be professional photos and video available for purchase of your studio routines only at the Competition. Food/Drink NO food/drink inside the theater. There will be a concession available and designated areas will be setup for eating in the lobby. Judges Critiques Judges video/audio critiques will be will be sent to studio owners following the competition. Judges Score sheets may be picked up by studio owners only immediately following awards. All judges’ decisions are final. Awards All entries will be adjudicated and awarded ribbons. They will be judged based on Technique, Performance and Production Value. 100-96 Platinum, 95-93 High Gold, 90-92 Gold, 89-85 High Silver, 84-80 Silver, 79-75 Bronze. Based on scores, there will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place trophies awarded in the following categories and in age groups where applicable: Solos, Duo/Trios, Small Group, Large Groups and Productions. All soloists will receive a medal and duo/trio and group dancers will receive a ribbon for each routine. There will be a Trophy Award for Overall High Score Group/Production and plaques for remaining top 5 overall groups/productions. Special Judges Awards will be also given based on the Competition day.

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